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Introduction to golf

Are there any marks on the golf ball

2022-06-30 15:04Introduction to golf
Summary: Excuse me, what do the letters h and s on golf balls mean? Why is there a large number of surface cavitiesI don't know which part of the ball is h and S? It seems that s stands for soft, that is, s
Excuse me, what do the letters h and s on golf balls mean? Why is there a large number of surface cavities
I don't know which part of the ball is h and S? It seems that s stands for soft, that is, soft ball. It has good elasticity and accurate landing point, but the flight distance is short. H stands for a hard ball. Its elasticity is not as good as that of a soft ball. Its impact point is also worse than that of a soft ball, but its flight distance is longer than that of a soft ballWhy Mark golf balls
The English name of the ball mark is mark, which means the meaning of the mark. Because there is only one hole (hole cup) on the green, after the players in the same group hit the ball on the green, it is bound to be in different positions and may fall on the push line between others' ball and the hole cup, so as not to affect other players' push into the holeWhat does the number on the golf ball mean (1\\4\
It is used to distinguish the inclination of the ball. The inclination of each number will not be the same. The smaller the number, the smaller the inclination. The smaller the inclination, the greater the force, and the farther the shot. All the open poles are 1 \y poles, but generally, the number of degrees on the wooden pole is 10 degrees or 10.5 degrees, 9 degrees, 9.5 degrees... Number of iron head labelsGolf caps with or without a market. What is the function of the market
It's a green marker. The ball cap band mark means that there is a magnet on the brim of the ball cap, which can attract the mark on the top, so it is convenient to use. Mark plays ball in China. Unless you swing the line yourself, many caddies use their marks to fight. They rarely use your own marksThe golf course has four labels: white, red, blue, yellow and how many yards does each represent
These four piles do not represent the distance, and the code piles representing the distance do not necessarily have the same style of each court, but there are corresponding numbers on the pile Are there any marks on the golf ballbody; There are four commonly used yard piles in the stadium: 100 yards, 150 yards, 200 yards and 250 yards. They are 50 yards, 75 yards and 125 yardsWhat do on par, bogey and birdie mean in golf competitions
Par means that the number of strokes used in this hole is equal to the standard stroke; Birdie means birdie, that is, it takes less than one par to complete the hole; Eagle is called Eagle ball, two strokes less than the standard shot; Bogey
What are the rules of golf? How iAre there any marks on the golf balls it
Wipe the ball: when the ball hits the hole area, you can wipe the ball, but you must mark the ball position. If there is no mark, you will be fined one stroke. Batting order: the one whose ball is far from the hole will play first. Handicap: a ball that hinders others from playing can be picked up but should be marked. There are leaves on the push line that can be taken away, but there are nail shoe marks on the push line. NoWhat do you mean by the birdie and Eagle balls in golf
The distance from the tee to the hole ranges from to 548m. The total length of the standard course is 5943m to 6400m, and the width is variable. Boundary markers shall be set around the stadium, and boundary stakes shall be set in key sections. Each sub site covers an area of 3~3.5 square meters. The tee is the lawn for tee off. There are two ball marks on the tee
Some professional terms and meanings in golf
nine。 7. wooden pole No. 1: a large wooden pole with a round big head, which is used to hit a long-distance ball. Golfers may not have any preparation in their own bags. A hard shot is a long shot with a No. 1 stick. 8. putter: a club with a small flat head, which is used to push the ball on the green and make the ball go into the holeWhat information can be found on the steel seal on the golf club
It is an anti-counterfeiting mark. Many famous brands have their own unique marks. For example, the lower right corner of the iron head of callway is engraved with an oval anti-counterfeiting steel seal with a small nail. The first large letter of several No. 1 wooden poles will be printed with a small lowercase of the first letter of the English name of the processing plant
Are there any marks on the golf ball

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